How An Attorney Can Help You With A Personal Injury Claim

In Pennsylvania, personal injuries present individuals with a possible legal claim if another party caused them directly or indirectly. Negligence and criminal acts are commonplace for personal injury claims. A victim must provide clear evidence that supports their claim and proves the defendant liable for the injuries.

What Caused the Victim’s Injuries?

A review of the law firm’s areas of practice defines opportunities for personal injury claims for vehicle accidents, premises liabilities, product liabilities, and criminal assault. Victims define the circumstances of their injuries, such as how they were caused and how the defendant is at fault.

What Evidence Does the Victim Have?

Medical evidence supports any personal injury claiming and is often the most compelling evidentiary support. The records show the exact injuries sustained by the victim and how severe they are. Permanent injuries and disabilities present a higher payout due to ongoing medical costs and an inability to work. A doctor must testify about the injuries to connect the defendant’s actions to the injuries.

How Will the Injuries Affect the Victim in the Future?

Injuries, such as loss of organ function or a loss of limb will affect the victim throughout their life. A disfigurement could have a serious effect on the victim not only physically but also psychologically. A doctor must show how the permanent conditions affect the victim and how the injuries could affect their quality of life.

What Type of Award Could They Receive?

First, victims could receive economic damages for any financial losses they have suffered. Lost wages, medical bills, and any loss of property, such as an automobile are included in economic damages. Tort-based awards are offered for pain and suffering. Tort awards aren’t guaranteed in all cases. In connecting criminal cases, the victim could receive restitution.

In Pennsylvania, personal injuries open the door to legally actionable territory when another party is at fault. Auto accidents lead to lawsuits when a driver wasn’t insured or was guilty of a DUI. Assault victims have the right to seek damages in civil court, too. Common personal injury cases include premises and product liabilities. Victims who need to start a claim should learn more about hiring an attorney right now.

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